Randy and Patti JordanBorn and raised in South Florida, Randy and Patti Jordan opened their first Christian bookstore, New Life Bible Bookstore in 1984. Starting with 900 square feet, they grew their store to over 15,000 square feet in just 15 years. From the very start in 1984, they were motivated to help people grow spiritually knowing that the greatest hindrance to growth was not desire but the right information.

Their joy has been to see others grow spiritually knowing that they played at least a small part in helping aid them in their journey by making available their bookstore resources.

New Life Living Ministry is simply their desire to help you to go to the next level in your life.

The Bible says that God’s people perish for the lack of knowledge. It is their continued goal to assist others in providing them with knowledge that accelerates their spiritual growth in all areas of their life. It is their prayer that this site proves to be successful in their goal.

Randy and Patti Jordan have been married for 38 years. Currently, they reside in North Florida serving that area through their New Live Bible Bookstore, as well as their customers worldwide. They are committed to the local church as together they are reaching, connecting and transforming people’s lives for God’s glory.